SOMATA GmbH Special mechanical engineering also related to dosing and mixing technology & system manufacturer of assemblies - with focus on automation of handling technology

Special mechanical engineering

Calculation, planning, design and manufacture of special machines and assemblies

Automation Engineering

Development and realization of equipment for automated handling processes (robotics)

Solving customer-specific problems

Realisation of individual requests in and around dosing technology

Special mechanical engineering with vacuum technology:

The Vacuum Drum (TAVA)

The Vacuum Drum works like a vacuum chamber and is a ready-to-install module for integration in filling systems as well as for vacuum drum change in dosing systems. Developed and patented by the TARTLER GROUP, it is used to prevent air inclusions during material filling and to make the drum change of 200 l lidded drums absolutely safe for the operator and process.

Material filling under vacuum (TAVA F)

  • For drum filling at the material manufacturer
  • For material preparation at the end customer, before processing
  • Semi-automatic degassing station for air-free filling of 50 and 200 litre drums, which can be used flexibly for various pasty and highly viscous media

Benefits of drums filled without air

  • Guarantee that the optimally filled drums do not contain any air inclusions and that further processing is reliable
  • Increased storage stability, as contamination with air/humidity is no longer possible

Process-reliable drum change (TAVA D)

  • Easy and safe change of component drums without the risk of introducing harmful air into the system or process
  • Fully automated degassing or evacuation station with vacuum drum for taking up, pumping off and venting the lidded drums

Benefits of using the TAVA D means

  • No air introduction into the dosing and mixing unit during routine drum change
  • No risk of splashing (no contamination of the operator with material)
  • No material loss
  • No monitoring / permanent presence of the operator necessary
  • Any remaining material in the inliner can be added without affecting the material in the following drum

After two years of development we present:

Clay Application Machine (CAMA 01)

This machine is one of the first system solutions for the mechanical dosing and application of clay. It enables automotive and industrial designers to enter into semi or fully automatic clay processing. Compared to the usual clay modelling methods, the new CAMA 01 saves the user a lot of time and makes the whole application process very controlled and clean.

Mechanical clay processing with CAMA 01

  • Consistent quality of the clay application
  • Use of different application nozzles possible
  • Connection to robotic unit possible
  • Process data logging

Info movies about Clay Application Machine

Product launch

Automatic and manual use of the Clay Application Machine

Saying goodbye to manual clay handling The TARTLER GROUP’s new Clay Application Machine is revolutionising model making

A fundamental paradigm shift is currently taking place in design model making: Where craftsmanship and one’s keen sense of proportion previously set the tone for more than a hundred years, largely automated systems will soon be taking over the conditioning and processing of clay (plasticine). The TARTLER GROUP is now proving to be the technological leader in this field, as, after two years of development, it presents one of the first system solutions for the machine dosing and application of clay: The Clay Application Machine CAMA 01, which enables automotive and industrial designers to gain entry to the semi or fully automated clay styling process. The system is supplied by the subsidiary SOMATA.

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The SOMATA GmbH was founded in addition to the TARTLER GmbH in order to realize special machines outside the dosing and mixing technology. As a system manufacturer of assemblies – with the focus on automation of handling devices related to dosing and mixing technology – SOMATA GmbH is a system supplier for TARTLER GmbH and others. The planning and manufacture of these assemblies, as well as the implementation of granted patents are also business areas of SOMATA GmbH, which has been part of the TARTLER GROUP since 2016.


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